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2015-12-01: Alleswisser

Alleswisser, one of my latest development for iOS and tvOS will be in the German speaking App Stores soon.

visit http://alleswisser-quiz.de for more information.

2012-01-31: MacWindowUtilsXtra version 1.1 released

This xtra is a MacOSX-only xtra implementing many functions mostly specific to Macintosh windows. There are a few functions not related to windows as well.

New in version 1.1 is the drag and drop support, an independent timer which can be used to overcome the bug on Macs not rebooted for longer than 24 days and the full support for mousewheel and trackpad scrolling events in all directions. The Xtra implements two file system dialogs for opening and saving files or folders which are safe to use when your projector needs to run in an application sandbox. Last but not least there are new functions to create WebViews to display and print HTML files. As this is based on WebKit it can display even more than just HTML. In fact any file supported by the WebKit framework could be displayed. That includes images, PDF files or even videos.

2012-01-15: New Site for Audio Video Tools Launched

Please visit AVT.Scirius.com for Audio Video Tools.
Currently there is the tool DVInfo available. More will follow.

2010-11-22: Update: AppleRemoteXtra Version 1.0.1

AppleRemoteXtra is now available as version 1.0.1.
This version fixes some major issues with MacOSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

2010-06-03: New: AppleRemoteXtra

AppleRemoteXtra is a MaxOSX only scripting xtra for Macromedia/Adobe Director.

It provides all you need to use the Apple IR Remote Control inside your Director applications.

2010-06-02: QTRecordAudioXtra Version 1.0.1 released

The new version of QTRecordAudioXtra is now compatible with Director 11 and above.
A serious bug under Windows with the lastest Quicktime versions has been fixed.
This update is free of charge and recommended for all user of QTRecordAudioXtra.


2010-05-29: New: MacWindowUtilsXtra

MacWindowUtilsXtra is a MaxOSX only scripting xtra for Macromedia/Adobe Director.

It provides several functions to manipulate the look of the windows in Director. You can set the transparency of a window (similar to the Windows only winobj.blend property), draw the small dot inside the red close box of the window to indicate that the document inside the windows is modified or group windows together. Additionally there are several animated effects to show or hide the windows.


2008-10-07: New Version of DateTimeXtra released

Version 2.0 of the DateTimeXtra released.

It extends LINGO by numerous functions to get information related to the current date and time.
You can now Monitor the CPU load and the xtra implements a high resolution timer (Microseconds or better) .
Now included is support for Universal Time (UTC) and a few astronomical functions, like the phases of the moon.