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 AppleRemoteXtra 1.0.1

About AppleRemoteXtra

AppleRemoteXtra is a MaxOSX only scripting xtra for Macromedia/Adobe Director.
It provides all you need to use the Apple IR Remote Control inside your Director applications.

You need version 1.0.1 for use with MacOSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)


System Requirements

MacOSX 10.4 or higher
Macromedia Director 9 (MX), Director 10 (MX2004), Adobe Director 11 and above


Pricing, Licensing and Purchase

AppleRemoteXtra is distributed as shareware at a price of 39 €. The unregistered version of AppleRemoteXtra is fully functional but shows an alert from time to time.

Before you order your copy of AppleRemoteXtra you should read the license agreement carefully.

All orders are processed by shareit on a secure ordering system. You may want to visit their web site first. Many other xtra developers sell their products there.

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The following download of AppleRemoteXtra is available.
The download contains the xtras and demo movies for Director 10 and 11 and the documentation.

Macintosh Disc Image AppleRemoteXtra.zip



xtra AppleRemoteXtra -- version 1.0.0
-- use the Apple IR Remote control --
-- (c) 2010 by Scirius Development --
-- www.scirius.com --

new object me, string username, string serialnumber
-- xtra handlers --
open object me -- open connection
close object me -- close connection
getEvent object me -- get the next event from the remote control
flushEvents object me -- remove all pending events